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Boudoir Session vs. Erotica Session

Boudoir photography and Erotica photography are both sessions that involve capturing images of clients in intimate or sensual poses. However, there are some key differences between the two.

Boudoir photography typically focuses on capturing images of a person, usually a woman, in a romantic and intimate setting. The images are usually soft and sensual, with a focus on the subject's natural beauty and femininity. The goal of a boudoir session is to create tasteful, elegant images that make the subject feel beautiful and confident. Boudoir sessions are often used as a gift for a significant other, or as a way for a woman to celebrate her own beauty and sexuality.

Erotica photography, on the other hand, is more overtly sexual in nature. The images are often more explicit, with a focus on the subject's body and physicality. The goal of erotica photography is to create images that are arousing or erotic, and that may be intended for a more adult audience. Erotica photography may be used for personal or commercial purposes, such as for adult magazines or websites. (Cough, cough ONLYFANS!)

Overall, while both boudoir photography and erotica photography involve capturing intimate and sensual images, they differ in their level of explicitness and the intended audience for the images. Boudoir photography is often seen as a celebration of femininity and natural beauty, while erotica photography is more focused on sexual arousal and explicit imagery.

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