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What is a Boudoir Photography Session?

A Boudoir Photography Session is a type of session that captures sensual and intimate images of an individual in my private studio. Typically, my client is dressed in lingerie or other revealing clothing, and even topless or fully nude. The images are intended to be tasteful, sexy, beautiful and empowering.

Boudoir sessions are often booked as a gift for a significant other, but they can also be a form of self-expression and self-love. Sessions are available Monday - Friday and run 10 - 2pm. After your session we will hold at the studio an in-person reveal or I can provide an online private proofing gallery. If in-person, we will book you a date before you leave for 2 weeks out. If you would prefer a private online proofing gallery, I will get that set up and send it to you within 2 weeks after your session.

When it comes to your sessions, I work with my clients to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and will provide guidance on poses and expressions.

Boudoir photography can be a fun and empowering experience for people of all ages, genders, size and body types. It can help individuals feel confident and beautiful and can serve as a reminder of their own unique beauty and sexuality. Don't ever be afraid to be who you are this is a judgment free setting, and I am here to help you explore this person you once were or have longed to be. BE FREE! - Janet Brizzell Elegant Lace Boudoir by Hickory Hill Photography 3/8/2023

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