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Tim Hartman Jr.  &  Jessica Paquin


Tim and Jessica met at Albany Saratoga Speedway in the late 90s where they used to watch their dad's race. August 14th they will be together 6 amazing years! Together they are raising two beautiful children Jaxon & Brexley.


Tim & Jessica through the years have both shared a joy for racing. Going to the race track and watching has led to Tim racing with Jessica by his side. Not only has this become something they do together but a whole family crew! 


Although traveling is not a big part of their journey together, when I asked them about their favorite trip together here is what was said. "We've only been on one vacation together! We went to the U.s. Virgin Islands. We went snorkeling and ate amazing food. We ate out probably every meal but, that's what you do on vacation. We took a ferry over to St.John and we had lunch over there. We met some cute random cats at Margaritaville, and even got to see some sea turtles. We also went on a gondola ride, which was cool to oversee almost the entire one side of the island. Although I was constantly car sick and had a panic attack while snorkeling, we had so much fun together. Just having a vacation with the two of us was so amazing. We saw some iguanas and chickens on the beach. The water was so blue it seemed unreal. I was so happy we were able to do that together we enjoyed our time alone but missed the kids!


The Engagement! 

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Tim - "On December 11, 2021, we traveled to Boston for an overnight with our friends, Justin and Kerry. I had told Justin and Kerry of my intentions for the trip a month or so beforehand, but Jessica thought it was just a night away from home. She had no idea that I brought a ring with me. When I finally found a place where I’d like to propose, she was taking pictures of the skyline, facing away from me. In typical Jessica fashion, when I told her to turn around for the third time without a reaction, she said “What!?” Then her face changed when she saw that I was down on one knee. I’ll never forget the moment she realized what I was doing"


Jessica - "We got engaged in Boston! We normally will take a weekend trip to lake placid for a night or 2 in the winter so I didn't really think anything of it. If I did I would've packed a nice outfit, but instead I packed leggings and flannels with a pair of sneakers. We invited our friends Justin and Kerry, they were in on the secret. We had a great day, did some walking around, had some lunch, went to the aquarium, had dinner (I remember I had the best steak and greens beans with a bowl of clam chowder. I remember stuffing the kettle soup bowl into my to go container because I loved it so much, but I’ve yet to use it again.) After dinner we took a walk down by the water, near some boats, along the skyline.. As I was taking a picture, Tim told me to “look” and I told him to hold on a second, that I was trying to get a picture.. But as I turned around, I saw camera lights and then Timmy on one knee. I was actually so shocked because I really never expected it to happen any time soon. The shock didn’t hit until I called my dad. After the proposal we went to a bar and had some congratulatory shots with our friends. It was awesome. He did a great job keeping his composure."


The future Mr. & Mrs.Hartman will be married November 11th 2022 at the beautiful Appel Inn in Altamont NY. They will be surrounded by their closest family and friends while their good friend Mike Coffeey Jr. officiates the ceremony and they read their own written vows.


“Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and beginning of an eternal love story.”

November 11, 2022

Video by: Dave DeCrescente

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