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Custom Created Lightroom Presets

Why I decided to create custom presets!


When I first started in photography way too many years ago, I struggled to achieve the look I wanted. I spent thousands yes THOUSANDS of dollars on so many presets created by these amazing and well-known artists. I would see their work and fan girl crush over how stunning they all were and fell into this horrible vicious cycle. I felt if I could save what little money I was making, I could buy their presets and have my work look like theirs, and actually make an income. 

Every time I purchased a collection, I would always have this feeling of "this is it, this is the one I have been looking for!". However just like all the rest no matter how much I tried, or hours I spent crying in frustration they would never work. My work that I was so proud of never felt more disappointing once I put these presets on that I spent so much money on.

After years and years of struggling I finally sat down and did some research to figure out why their images looked this way, but out of the many people in these photographers' groups only a very few handful actually looked like the presets they were selling. This was because we all shoot differently.

Photography is an art and yes there are rules, but those rules are not only made to be broken but going outside the box is what gives us each our unique style. If we only fallowed the basic rules for photography every image would look the same. Every photographer would offer the same work, there would be no room for growth or a chance to make a sustainable income. Nothing to set us apart from one another. 

We are not a chain photography studio, we are ARTIST!

So what is a Custom Created Preset?


A custom created preset is exactly what it sounds like. I take your vision and help make it into reality. You already have the foundation, I just help find the missing pieces. 

I will have you send me a few of your raw images with instructions on what type of vision/style you would like to see. For example: My personal images tend to be warmer and rich, with muted darker tones. Unless I am photographing a wedding, I do not shoot outside for any type of session but Blue & Golden hour. The reason I shoot like this is because it gives me the look I strive for as well as what my clients are looking for. I would never shoot a session at high noon and expect my images to look consistently the same with my other work, it just wouldn't work. 

Once I have a clear motive for what you would like I will create a custom Lightroom Catalog of 5 personalized presets. I will then send you a sample image for approval or to find out what modifications you would like. Once we have finalized your Presets, I will email you over a light room catalog as well as my personal action brushes to help give your images that wow factor. 

Not only will you get your customized presets made just for your style but I will have step by step instructions on how to use them and how to change them to complete almost every type of session you may be shooting in. 

What are the benefits?


The benefits of doing this are limitless. 

1. Overall to have custom created presets will not only save you money but time. Once your presets are completed you should be able to put them on your images and make very minimal adjustments. No matter who you have or who you will get your presets from there is no such thing as one click and done. However when a preset is customized to your type of shooting, style, and editing it should almost hit perfectly with one click. 

Time is money and your time is valuable! 

2. NO ONE ELSE WILL HAVE THE SAME PRESET AS YOU!  This is created for you not sally down the road and all of her photographer friends. This is not a mass style editing, but a preset as unique as you and your art. 

3. For a fraction of the price you have or probably would have spent on presets trying to find the right one for you, you will have your own created for you!

4. I will not just send over your catalog and say good day. I will send you step by step instructions on how to properly use them to utilize every option.

5. After we create these, you can say you have your own personalized custom presets!

6. I will not just push you off! You are not a number to me. If you did a session and are struggling to get your preset to fit properly all you have to do is reach out to me. Within 48 hours I will have helped you solve your problem, there is no robot putting you on h0ld here.

What is the cost and what comes with the Custom Preset?


Your Custom Lightroom Catalog comes with 5 Personalized handmade Presets, and my action brushes.

Your Presets will be tailored to you allowing you to quickly and efficiently edit your sessions, while keeping your images consistent. Your presets will take the guesswork out of your workflow and help give you the wow factor you are looking for.

My action brushes are easy to use as well as make minor adjustments to fit your preference. You will receive actions for Sharpening, Sunsets, Exposer, Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Skin, Bokeh, and so much more. These actions will work perfectly with all masking options allowing you to take your images to the next level while keeping them personalized to your style and vision. 

I provide step by step instructions to give you the most out of your presets and use of actions. I also do not just send over your presets and go MIA. You can always reach out to me for help but please allow me 48 hours to get back to you. 

5 Custom Presets with Actions
Additional Custom Presets only

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